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The AFPA has several important volunteer roles to be filled for 2021: 

1) We need a team lead for Program Committee (monthly webinars and luncheon topics and speakers), Communications (website content, and social media support). 

2) We need 1-2 volunteers for Membership Care & Development group (already have a chair), and of course the 2021 Desert Summit Conference planning group (also have a chair already). 


2020 Year End Executive Message

AFPA members –

I know none of us had any inkling of an idea that ten days before Christmas we would still be talking about social distancing, wearing masks (including in banks of all places) and wondering if it’s safe to see our families and friends during what is usually such a fun and joyous time of the year.  COVID has certainly made 2020 a year none of us will forget soon.  Its effects on everyone and everything have been nothing short of astounding.  I’ve actually gotten used to watching the NFL and hearing the fans cheering loudly after a big play…as the camera sweeps the empty stands.

We as Treasury Management professionals and the AFPA have had to adapt and move forward as well.  A lot of us have moved out of the office and into the living room.  We’ve become pre-school and middle school teachers as our kids schools have closed, then opened and then closed again.  We’ve watched some of our customers suffer immensely as their businesses have been decimated through no fault of their own.  We’ve become experts at coordinating dress shirts with pajama bottoms and figuring out the most professional looking backdrop in our homes for webinars.  Ah yes, the webinar…the technological wonder that has replaced in person meetings with customers and for us here in the AFPA has allowed us to continue with our monthly meetings and annual Desert Summit.  For me that has been the hardest part – not having that human interaction…not seeing all of you every month – but it’s all part of adapting, moving forward and being successful in this current environment. 

On a positive note, we as Treasury Management professionals have played an outsized role in assisting our customers in adapting and conducting business remotely.  More and more companies are using services such as remote deposit, ACH and commercial card along with implementing fraud protection as there are fewer eyes on the books.  A lot of these companies were literally forced to modernize after doing business the same way forever.  For a lot of companies these changes are here to stay as they realize that they are more nimble, more efficient and are able to do more with less.  As new payment channels evolve and Treasury Management becomes even more automated and integrated with ERPs and technology we will continue to play a crucial role guiding and educating our customers and senior leaders. 

I sincerely hope each and every one of you has the opportunity to spend some time with your family and friends over the next couple of weeks.  If there is one thing that the past nine months have shown us it’s that people need people.  So stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected.  Have a wonderful Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza or just enjoy the Arizona “winter.”  I and the rest of the AFPA board are looking forward to a fantastic 2021 with you!

Mitchell Love, CTP

The Association for Financial Professionals of Arizona (AFPA) is a group of Treasury Professionals whose mission is to promote the common business interest and increase recognition of financial professionals through the exchange of ideas, educational sessions and networking opportunities. We accomplish this through our nine monthly meetings and an annual conference. During monthly meetings, guest speakers discuss timely and relevant treasury and other related issues.

With many members from the banking community and corporations large and small, the AFPA is a great networking forum. Monthly lunch meetings are held the third Wednesday beginning at 11:30 a.m. and concluding at 1:00 p.m. 

Attendance at the monthly meetings and the Desert Summit qualifies members for Certified Treasury Professional (CTP), Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.

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